voiD store

voiD document submission

Using this interface, you can assert data to the void.rkbexplorer.com store.

rdf+XML, turtle or n3 can be used.

Supply a URL to a file containing the RDF, which will be uploaded to the server and its contents asserted.

It will get a new (hash) model path and name, but the URL will be recorded. This enables you to update the voiD description when you wish, by simply asserting the URL again. Should you wish to remove the model, remove the file from its location and assert the same URL, which will of course then return 404 (file not found) to the submission system. The voiD Store will then remove the model and any local files.

If you want help constructing a voiD document, then try Michael Hausenblas' voiD Editor.

Keith Alexander also has another voiD store.

This service should be considered as beta at present.