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is the subject of the following predicates and values –

rdf:type Concept"@e [source]
broader"@e Tables on EU policy [source]
rdfs:label Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure Scoreboard [source]
prefLabel"@e [source]
prefLabel"@e [source]
prefLabel"@e [source]
http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/core#inScheme Eurostat dataset themes [source]
narrower"@e Current account balance [source]
narrower"@e Net international investment position [source]
narrower"@e Real effective exchange rates [source]
narrower"@e Export market [source]
narrower"@e Labour cost [source]
narrower"@e House price indices [source]
narrower"@e Private credit [source]
narrower"@e Private debt [source]
narrower"@e General government gross debt (EDP) [source]
narrower"@e Unemployment [source]
narrower"@e Financial sector [source]
narrower"@e Auxiliary indicators [source]


is also the object of the following subject and predicates –

Tables on EU policy narrower"@e [source]
Current account balance broader"@e [source]
Net international investment position broader"@e [source]
Real effective exchange rates broader"@e [source]
Export market broader"@e [source]
Labour cost broader"@e [source]
House price indices broader"@e [source]
Private credit broader"@e [source]
Private debt broader"@e [source]
General government gross debt (EDP) broader"@e [source]
Unemployment broader"@e [source]
Financial sector broader"@e [source]
Auxiliary indicators broader"@e [source]