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is the subject of the following predicates and values –

rdf:type Concept"@e [source]
broader"@e Demography - National data [source]
rdfs:label Fertility [source]
prefLabel"@e [source]
prefLabel"@e [source]
prefLabel"@e [source]
http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/core#inScheme Eurostat dataset themes [source]
http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#hasDataset Total fertility rate [source]
http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#hasDataset Mean age of women at childbirth [source]
http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#hasDataset Live births outside marriage [source]


is also the object of the following subject and predicates –

Demography - National data narrower"@e [source]
Total fertility rate dcterms:subject [source]
Mean age of women at childbirth dcterms:subject [source]
Live births outside marriage dcterms:subject [source]