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is the subject of the following predicates and values –

rdfs:label ESMS Metadata: educ_bo_ac_ent2_esms [source]


is also the object of the following subject and predicates –

Net entry rate (ISCED 5A) by age and sex - % http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Female entrants by field of education (ISCED 5A) - % http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Entrants (ISCED 5A) in % of secondary school graduates, by sex http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Students (ISCED 5A) studying part-time, by age group and sex - % http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Public education expenditure (ISCED 5-6) as % of public expenditure and GDP http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Expenditure in institutions per student (ISCED 5-6), by type http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Private expenditure in institutions (ISCED 5-6) as % of public and private funding http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Public education expenditure (ISCED 5-6) spent as students aid, by type of aid - % http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Gross graduation rate and net entry rate (ISCED 5A) http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Students abroad (ISCED 5A-6) as % of students in country of origin, by sex http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Foreign students as % of total students, by origin and sex (ISCED 5A-6) http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]
Graduates (ISCED 5A-6) from abroad (foreigners/mobile students), by sex - % http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/eurostat/property#esms [source]